• generate professional written content for a website, a brochure or a public display
  • enhance the effectiveness of existing written content
  • compose a professional biography for an individual, an arts practice, a business or a not-for-profit organisation
  • create engaging written descriptions of products or services
  • polish content that has been translated into English
  • or simply obtain editorial assistance and advice

Jack & Quill will ensure your message is clear, concise and tailored to your target audience

At Jack & Quill we know how effective a well-constructed message can be. We also understand that for most professions time spent writing is time lost to a range of more pressing concerns. By letting Jack & Quill sit at the writing desk, your written content will be expertly crafted for your success, enabling you and your team to get on with what you do best.


With over a decade of experience writing content for artists and arts organisations, Jack & Quill’s industry art writers know how to engage with individual works, whole exhibitions and entire oeuvres so as to generate the kind of message we know you’ll want to share.


By producing written content that informs, persuades and inspires, Jack & Quill can help you to succeed in furthering the causes that are important to you, and because we want to see good people excel where it matters most, we offer a discounted rate to not-for-profit organisations.


Whether you are running a small business or a publicly listed company, Jack & Quill’s expertise in content writing for professional practice will bring renewed vigor, structure and freshness to your foundational, educational and promotional communications.


Left: Todd Stuart, Sculpture of the Artist as a Hand, silicon bronze, 39 x 30 x 26 cm

Centre: Environment Guardian protesting in the Toolangi State Forest following a VicForests clearfell logging and burn operation, Victoria, photograph Ewen Jarvis, 2016

Right: Art Deco Gothic inspired Manchester Unity Building at 220 Collins Street in Melbourne, constructed 1931–32, photograph Ewen Jarvis, 2012